TC in BC says: Southern Cal Sports takeaway: What’s the difference between Breeders Cup races and the World Series? I can’t blame Yu Darvish, cause he never rode on any of my picks. … Continue reading

Giants vs. Royals (William and Kate?)

BILL WILLIAMS says: Why do they call it the World series? There’s no Japanese team. And they have a Yen to win. … Continue reading

O’Harry Carey!

GARY BACHMAN says: There’s a petition to rename Ronald Reagan National Airport after USA goalkeeper Tim Howard. Howard played on a team that managed only one win in four games. That would be like renaming O’Hare after the best player … Continue reading

Winners and losers.

GARY BACHMAN says: President Barack Obama welcomed the 2013 World Series champions, the Boston Red Sox, at the White House. The World Series losers, the St Loius Cardinals, met with Joe Biden. … Continue reading