Overrated. It’s a disaster. Believe me.

WILL DURST says: Trump still won’t admit the Russians hacked the DNC. “Maybe it was a 400 lb fat guy on a couch.” Hate to see Chris Christie get thrown under the bus again. Sad. … Continue reading

Film at eleven.

WILL DURST says: The sun rose in the east this morning, and Donald tRump is claiming credit. Can’t wait for him to tweet where he expects it to set later today. … Continue reading

Happy new year!

WILL DURST says: In the spirit of this, the season of understanding, one can only hope that Democrats give Donald J. Trump the same opportunity to succeed as the Republicans gave the half breed Muslin born in Kenya. … Continue reading


WILL DURST says: Now tRump is saying he would have won the popular vote if it weren’t for California. Okay. It’s a deal. You’re president of 49 states. Don’t worry about us. We’ll muddle through on our own. … Continue reading