And who would be the new #1?

WILL DURST says: The reason Kim Jong Un is pissed is because he’s been supplanted atop the “Wackiest Leader in the World with the Weirdest Haircut” list. … Continue reading

That’s fake news.

WILL DURST says: tRump isn’t affected much by his 39% approval rating. After all, that’s higher than most of the scores he received at Wharton Business School. … Continue reading


WILL DURST says: tRump puts his name on chocolate bars, vodka, eyeglasses and barstools, but doesn’t want it on tRump Care. Now, I don’t know nothing, but that can’t be good. … Continue reading

It’s gonna be HUUUUUUGGGGE!

WILL DURST says: Yeah, he’s going to bring back the coal industry. And VHS tapes. And sock garters and buggy whips and the whale blubber industry. … Continue reading