I’d prefer a liquor cabinet.

WILL DURST says: Got to love pResident tRump. He issues an executive order to keep violent extremists from entering the country, but has no problem filling his cabinet with them. … Continue reading

This sounds reasonable.

WILL DURST says: Has anyone considered that maybe this whole thing is a plot by the Pharmaceutical Industry to sell more anti- depressants? … Continue reading

So, here we are nineteen days later…

WILL DURST says: The preacher said the rain that started to fall as DJT took the oath was a good sign in the Bible. Yeah, tell that to Noah. … Continue reading

Overrated. It’s a disaster. Believe me.

WILL DURST says: Trump still won’t admit the Russians hacked the DNC. “Maybe it was a 400 lb fat guy on a couch.” Hate to see Chris Christie get thrown under the bus again. Sad. … Continue reading