I’m sure it was G-rated.

WILL the THRILL says: So my wife “accidentally” viewed my search history. I don’t think it’s fair that I should be pornalized for this. … Continue reading

An Apple pie-chart? Pumpkin? Berry?

WILL the THRILL says: To show my wife the weight-loss program that I’ve devised for her, I printed out a pie-chart. It was not a very encouraging sign when she grabbed the paper and ate it. … Continue reading

Knit one, purl two

WILL the THRILL says: My wife likes to knit and talk. I like to drink. Honestly, it’s the only way that I can stand her yarns. … Continue reading

Freak of nature?

WILL the THRILL says: I’m not saying my wife a rock & roll freak of nature, but but her toes do go to eleven. … Continue reading