George dressed to a T.

JANICE HOUGH says: George Clooney said that his wife Amal isn’t always happy with his style of dress – “There is that moment when I’ve worn the same T-shirt like for a week that she says, ‘Really?’” Well, okay, so … Continue reading

Duct Tape fixes emotional discord.

WILL the THRILL says: I like to fix things with duct tape. When I “repaired” my wife’s SUV mirror last week, she left me for a real mechanic. In every roll there is a silver lining. … Continue reading

Will’s charming in his own way…

WILL the THRILL says: You might say my life-partner’s Zumba lessons to lose weight have been been an “exercise” in futility. … Continue reading

Wait for it…

WILL the THRILL says: My wife says she’s addicted to shoes because I don’t pay enough attention to her. I feel like such a…heel. … Continue reading

Will is off his meds again.

WILL the THRILL says: This just in: My wife is a hummingbird in a world of owls. Small, beautiful, and very hard to catch. Bzzzzzz. Sometimes it’s OK to drink your lunch! … Continue reading

That’ll help.

WILL the THRILL says: Chipmunks are eating our tomatoes. My wife insists that I do something about it. I close the blinds and turn on the baseball game. … Continue reading