It’s not after labor day!

WILL the THRILL says: I never thought I’d consider voting for someone for President of the United States who wears A WHITE PANTSUIT! My fashion senses are tingling. … Continue reading

They can vote 77% of the time.

WILL DURST says: Amazing how often and consistently Trump continues to piss off women. Someone on his staff should remind him they can vote now too. … Continue reading

And the national election is a year away.

TERRY ETTER says: Tuesday is local election day and we’ll finally be rid of all those nasty ads the local politicians have been running. They’ll be replaced on Wednesday by all the nasty ads the national politicians will be running. … Continue reading

Beppe Grillo is a great politician’s name, though.

WILL DURST says: Beppe Grillo, an Italian stand- up comic received 25% of Sunday’s national vote putting him right behind the clown in the race, Silvio Berlusconi. No word yet on how the ventriloquist fared. … Continue reading