And that was good for everyone.

JERRY W says: Dick Cheney invited Hillary out for an afternoon of target practice so they could talk about him being her vice president. After hearing his offer she said “To tell you the truth Dick…..”. At this point Cheney … Continue reading

Actually, this makes sense.

TERRY ETTER says: Trump now needs to make himself impeachment proof by choosing a running mate who’s so awful, no one in their right mind would want him or her as president. Oh…wait… … Continue reading

Say it ain’t so, Joe.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Joe Biden finally decided not to run for president in 2016. It took him just 5 seconds to decide that. Took him months and months to ask Obama: ”Just what do you do exactly?” … Continue reading

Everybody’s a-shufflin’.

GARY BACHMAN says: Joe Biden is reportedly considering a presidential run. Well, at Biden’s age, it would be a shuffle. … Continue reading