JANICE HOUGH says: Trump tweeting about “great Iranian people.” So he’s banning them from entering US because they’re too great & would make Americans feel bad by comparison? … Continue reading

WILL the THRILL says: The White House says that DJT is on a “working” vacation. Does that mean he will be tweeting between teeing? Or just after every 9 holes? … Continue reading

Too much hat. SAD!

JANICE HOUGH says: If Abraham Lincoln was any good at all he’d have gotten the Gettysburg Address down to 140 characters. … Continue reading

Thanks, Obama!

TC in BC says: Precedent DJ Dumbkoff is tweeting w/o “Spellcheck” again. He sent “I hear by demand a second investigation…”. Dumbkoff then korrects himself by re-tweetwing ‘hear by’. Everywon knows that the korrect spelling is ‘heerbye’. DUH. I kan … Continue reading