WILL the THRILL says: The White House says that DJT is on a “working” vacation. Does that mean he will be tweeting between teeing? Or just after every 9 holes? … Continue reading

Too much hat. SAD!

JANICE HOUGH says: If Abraham Lincoln was any good at all he’d have gotten the Gettysburg Address down to 140 characters. … Continue reading

Thanks, Obama!

TC in BC says: Precedent DJ Dumbkoff is tweeting w/o “Spellcheck” again. He sent “I hear by demand a second investigation…”. Dumbkoff then korrects himself by re-tweetwing ‘hear by’. Everywon knows that the korrect spelling is ‘heerbye’. DUH. I kan … Continue reading

We’ll never be Royals.

TC in BC says: 88 year old monarch Queen Elizabeth has sent out her first tweet. Look for future tweets like “I’m looking at my Twitter account while sitting on the throne”. TOO MUCH information, thank you. … Continue reading