TC in BC says: A statue of Peyton Manning was unveiled in Indianapolis last week. Football experts say it can almost move as fast as Tom Brady. … Continue reading

The Brady Bunch is nutritious?

GARY BACHMAN says: Tom Brady has released a nutrition manual priced at $200. Think he needs to deflate the cost. … Continue reading

Coke, or Coca-Cola?

TC in BC says: Patriot’s QB Tom Brady says that CocaCola is poison. My personal nutritionist says he’s absolutely right, and tells me to continue adding rum to it. … Continue reading

For inflations longer than 4 hours, consult your doctor.

TC in BC says: Japanese airbag maker Takata has recalled over 34 million cars in North America due to malfunctioning airbags. Tom Brady says that he knows how to fix them if they are over inflating. … Continue reading