TERRY ETTER says: Trump has fired more than a dozen high-level administration employees in the first 14 months since he took over. And you thought George Steinbrenner was tough to work for. … Continue reading

TERRY ETTER says: Have you seen the commercial for this floor cleaning machine that uses water to get up all the dirt and dumps it into a tank as a murky, muddy liquid? One of the spokesmodels smiles and says, … Continue reading

TERRY ETTER says: Watching men’s figure skating at the Olympics. The short program. I think they were five-feet, nine and under. … Continue reading

TERRY ETTER says: I have a theory that old people use farting like booster rockets. They use farting to get up out of chairs. They use farting to walk down the street. They use farting to climb stairs. My theory … Continue reading