Terry Punny!

TERRY ETTER says: CBS has cancelled a bunch of shows. “The Great Indoors” was sent outside. “Limitless” was maxed out. And “Two Broke Girls” were just beyond repair. … Continue reading

A disaster. SAD!

TERRY ETTER says: Trump may need to start a GoFundMe campaign to build his wall, after Congress’s response was “NoFundMe.” … Continue reading

Good one, Te

TERRY ETTER says: We live in a Twitterized world where anything we might want to communicate, no matter how important or significant, is limited to 140 chara … Continue reading

Or Ryan O’Neal. Oh, wait, that’s Irish. I think.

TERRY ETTER says: Muhammad Ali’s widow and son have had problems getting through airport security lately. I’m not sure it’s because of their Muslim names, though. After all, you never hear about security stopping Ali MacGraw. … Continue reading