Amazon to the Rescue!

TERRY ETTER says: I have a better way to keep out undesirables. Don’t build a wall…build a mall. NOBODY goes to a mall anymore. … Continue reading

Can’t even use the lounge.

TERRY ETTER says: There’s a cheap psychic that tries to contact the spirits of dead celebrities on the spiritual plane. But they’re in First Class and she can only afford Coach. … Continue reading

Wow, it must be true!

TERRY ETTER says: Iceland’s WOW Airlines is offering one-way fares to Europe for $69. It’s their Inauguration Day special. … Continue reading

Sniff sniff..

TERRY ETTER says: People in cities across the country are complaining of a foul stench that hangs in the air for days. And Inauguration Day is still three weeks away! … Continue reading