Happy April Fool’s Day!

TERRY ETTER says: Ted Cruz and Donald Trump debated penis size by arguing about whose hands were bigger. That won’t work against Hillary. Her hands are bigger than theirs. … Continue reading

Unfortunately true.

TERRY ETTER says: While Trump is wondering out loud which country Ted Cruz is from, we’re wondering out loud which planet Trump is from. … Continue reading

All Canadians say that.

WILL DURST says: It’s winter solstice everybody. Shortest day of the year. Or as Ted Cruz refers to it, “Day the Dragon Eats the Big Yellow Orb.” … Continue reading

Wouldn’t be the same.

JANICE HOUGH says: To be fair, USA should know dangers of allowing foreign refugees. Had we just refused Cubans entry in 50s we wouldn’t have Ted Cruz‬ & Marco Rubio‬. … Continue reading