TC in BC says: In Korea, KFC doesn’t mean you are getting Chicken. Korean Fried Canine anyone? Don’t go to Colonel Shih Tsu’s Fried Chicken either! And stay away from the Poodle Noodles, Rack of Lab, German Shepherd’s Pie and … Continue reading

TC in BC says: Rev. Franklin Graham (son of Billy) praised Trump as staunch defender of Christianity. The pastor said Trump “defends the Christian faith more than any president in my lifetime.” “Nobody lives the 9 Commandments and covfeve day in … Continue reading

TC in BC says: Donny is bragging that he passed his physical with flying colors. The doctor also did a Brain Scan at the same time. “They found NOTHING!!!” he proudly exclaimed…. … Continue reading

TC in BC says: An Alaska Airlines flight from Oakland was cancelled when a rat jumped on board and the crew could not find it. The plane was removed from service and Samuel L Jackson Exterminators were called. … Continue reading