TC in BC says: Rev. Franklin Graham (son of Billy) praised Trump as staunch defender of Christianity. The pastor said Trump “defends the Christian faith more than any president in my lifetime.” “Nobody lives the 9 Commandments and covfeve day in … Continue reading

TC in BC says: Donny is bragging that he passed his physical with flying colors. The doctor also did a Brain Scan at the same time. “They found NOTHING!!!” he proudly exclaimed…. … Continue reading

TC in BC says: An Alaska Airlines flight from Oakland was cancelled when a rat jumped on board and the crew could not find it. The plane was removed from service and Samuel L Jackson Exterminators were called. … Continue reading

TC in BC says: Sorry, but I’ve never watched one episode of The Partridge Family. Did they finally get evicted from that pear tree they illegally squatting in? … Continue reading