Sound familiar?

TC in BC says: North Korea celebrated the 105th anniversary of Kim Il-Sung today with a yuuuugge parade and show of military strength. No leaders of their current regime went golfing today. … Continue reading

Thanks, Obama!

TC in BC says: Precedent DJ Dumbkoff is tweeting w/o “Spellcheck” again. He sent “I hear by demand a second investigation…”. Dumbkoff then korrects himself by re-tweetwing ‘hear by’. Everywon knows that the korrect spelling is ‘heerbye’. DUH. I kan … Continue reading

Oldie but a goodie. (posted 2-19-2013)

TC in BC says: Some French “gourmets” are recommending horse meat, saying it has less fat, is tender and more flavorful than beef. Of course, you would be more tender too, if someone was whipping your ass while you ran … Continue reading


TC in BC says: Future Tweet prediction. On Jan 28, Donald Trump will tweet: Hap-PEE Chinese New Year to my friends in Taiwan and China. … Continue reading