Great selection there, though.

WILL the THRILL says: A transgender shopper was arrested for shooting video of women trying on clothes at Target. This booked gal will surely have a bullseye on her back from now on. … Continue reading

Sounds reasonable to me.

JANICE HOUGH says: In Petaluma, California, police say a couple used a stolen credit card to purchase 15 $1,000 gift cards at Target. So they got away with it because $16,000 worth of gift cards would have been suspicious? … Continue reading

Having trouble hitting the bullseye at Target?

WILL the THRILL says: God, how I hate retail commission sales. I had a blind woman tell me today that she was “just looking.” … Continue reading

Not guilty.

WILL the THRILL says: In Florida, Target is reconsidering its line of hoodies with the large logo on the back. … Continue reading