JANICE HOUGH says: Los Angeles judge ruled coffee sold in California should have cancer warning labels. If we’re talking about dangers, how about warning that says talking to a coffee drinker before they’ve had their first morning cup might be … Continue reading


BILL WILLIAMS says: Authorities in Central Florida are trying to identify a man who was found dead inside an alligator’s mouth. Their only clue so far is that he was wearing alligator shoes. They think it was a murder-suicide pact … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

TC in BC says: The world’s most decorated chef, Benoit Violier apparently committed suicide with a single self inflicted gunshot. The recipe called for 2 bullets. Did someone send back an order of “Bangers & Mash”? … Continue reading

I’m dying to read it!

WILL the THRILL says: Congratulations are in order! I just wrote a “killer” book about suicide… … Continue reading