March Madness makes it to FOX.

STAN KEGEL says: Northern Iowa loses to Texas A & M after behing ahead by twelve points with less than one-half minute left. Fox News immediately calls it Obama’s fault and urges immediate congressional investigation. … Continue reading


STAN KEGEL says: The high jump has always been one of the most prestigious events of the Olympic Games. This explains why the years the Olympics are held are designated as Leap Years. … Continue reading

Queen Bees are also on the ranch.

STAN KEGEL says: Seeing Beyonce at the Super Bowl reminded me of a 4th grade field trip to a local ranch where our cafeteria’s milk was produced. But I get the same reaction from other celebrities such as Serena Williams, … Continue reading

Unaffordable Care.

STAN KEGEL says: Define ‘Syntax’: Proposed Republican increase in Affordable Care premiums for patients with venereal disease. … Continue reading