WILL the THRILL says: Women like shoes, right? So, when my girlfriend said I reminded her of a comfortable shoe I thought it was a cool thing. “Nope,” she corrected me. “Get out of my life, you loafer.” … Continue reading


BILL WILLIAMS says: Authorities in Central Florida are trying to identify a man who was found dead inside an alligator’s mouth. Their only clue so far is that he was wearing alligator shoes. They think it was a murder-suicide pact … Continue reading


BILL WILLIAMS says: Busty Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson has a line of cruelty-free, vegan shoes. No animal skins are used, just 100 percent silicone. Just like Pamela. … Continue reading


WILL the THRILL says: It’s not easy to be cool when you’re 62 year’s old, but my beat-up Nike sneakers have a lot of street crud. … Continue reading