JANICE HOUGH says: NFL says they’re relaxing their player celebration rules. SF 49ers are asking, “what are celebrations?” … Continue reading

At last, a Scott McKenzie reference.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Anti-Trump protesters are everywhere except weirdly enough, Haight-Ashbury. They couldn’t get any one willing to put some flowers in that guy’s hair. … Continue reading

One more, please, Ms. Flight Attendant.

BILL WILLIAMS says: The co-pilot of a United Airlines jet flying from Houston to San Francisco lost consciousness mid flight. He didn’t exactly pass out. The technical aviation term I believe is, “in his cups.” … Continue reading


JANICE HOUGH says: Recently, the 12th annual “World Naked Bike Ride” in San Francisco was held. No doubt followed by the 12th annual “Wash All Rental Bikes” day in San Francisco. … Continue reading

But those tray tables were in the full and upright position.

HARTLEY MILLER says: A 10-hour United Airlines flight from San Francisco to London ran out of toilet paper. Passengers were said to be down in the dumps. … Continue reading