GARY BACHMAN says: Russian fisherman in Siberia discovered a bag containing 54 severed hands. He put the bag in his boat–all hands on deck. … Continue reading

GARY BACHMAN says: Sarah Palin’s son arrested on burglary and assault charges. Like his mom, he probably won’t serve his full term. … Continue reading

WILL DURST says: Donald Trump came home today from the G-7, formerly known as the G-8 but Russia got kicked out for annexing Crimea. Now they’ve annexed us, they’re back in the loop. … Continue reading

Words are definitely funny.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Words are funny. For instance, a “Beard” means different things in different countries. In the US it’s a straight girl who pretends to be a gay guy’s date. In Russia it’s what female Olympians wear. … Continue reading

You betcha!

GARY BACHMAN says: The eruption of an Alaskan volcano has created an ash cloud 37,000 feet high and hundreds of miles wide. The smoke is so thick Sarah Palin can’t see Russia from her house. … Continue reading

Sure, you betcha!

GARY BACHMAN says: Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump. When Trump becomes President, Palin will have a great view of a Russian ICBM from her house. … Continue reading

I can see some jets from my house!

BILL WILLIAMS says: Six Russian fighter jets were intercepted by American planes off the coast of Alaska last week. Apparently they had a cute new color scheme and wanted Sarah Palin to see it. … Continue reading

Bigfoot going rogue!

GARY BACHMAN says: Researchers claim there is evidence of a Russian Bigfoot. Evidence includes hair samples, footprints, and an eyewitness sighting by Sarah Palin. … Continue reading

What’s the password?

GARY BACHMAN says: Russia has announced new curbs on WiFi. Looks like no more free Internet for Sarah Palin. … Continue reading

Will he accept the charges?

JERRY W says: Putin made a telephone call to Obama to discuss Russian plans to pay for keeping Crimea. This has caused many politicians to to speculate exactly why he made this call. One of the first clues? He called … Continue reading