Can’t count to three.

JANICE HOUGH says: Rick Perry is Trump’s top choice for Energy secretary. Back out in 2011, Energy was that third Department that the Texas governor forgot he wanted to eliminate. You really CANNOT make this stuff up. … Continue reading

But those new glasses help!

WILL DURST says: Rick Perry’s handlers have encouraged him to sharpen his message. So now he’s busy searching for a message to sharpen. … Continue reading

Sorry, got nothin’.

JANICE HOUGH says: Texas Governor Rick Perry, was indicted on two charges relating to his efforts to force the resignation of a local district attorney. Wonder if the prosecutor couldn’t think of a third charge? … Continue reading

Texans value Life. And Hungry Hungry Hippos.

JANICE HOUGH says: Really? Gov. Perry says he is calling a special session on that abortion bill because “Texans value life.” On the same day that the state has executed its 500th inmate since they reinstated the death penalty in … Continue reading