WILL DURST says: President Donald Trump walked back yesterday’s walk back from what he sort of said in Helsinki about his good buddy Putin. Hope he’s got a chiropractor on call after going through so many contortions. Not only is … Continue reading

TERRY ETTER says: So it’s not okay to kneel during the national anthem but during press conferences with Russian leaders it’s okay to bend over. … Continue reading

WILL DURST says: Donald Trump came home today from the G-7, formerly known as the G-8 but Russia got kicked out for annexing Crimea. Now they’ve annexed us, they’re back in the loop. … Continue reading

Watch what you say, Will, it’ll be 15%.

WILL DURST says: Trump says Putin is a strong leader with an 84% approval rating. Would be higher, but the KGB hasn’t been able to track down the other 16%. Yet. … Continue reading