WILL DURST says: Donald Trump says he turned down Time’s “Man of the Year.” But he’s still eligible for “Cretinous Fool Toad Buttwipe Lizardstick” of the Year. Think he’s got that one nailed down. No photo shoot necessary. … Continue reading

BILL WILLIAMS says: O.J. Simpson was granted parole last week. Many things have changed since he went inside. Jenner was a guy. Schwarzenegger was a governor. Trump was a loud mouth game show host. Well, two out of three ain’t … Continue reading

JANICE HOUGH says: Can it still be a smartphone if it’s used by an idiot? Asking for a friend in Washington D.C. taxpayer-funded housing. … Continue reading

WILL DURST says: The GOP defense is that Trump is new at this sort of thing & doesn’t know what he’s doing. He isn’t housebroken. Still got his training wheels on. Only had a couple of at bats at Presidential … Continue reading