TERRY ETTER says: President Obama is being criticized vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard instead of touring the flooded areas of Louisiana. To be fair, he was asked to stay out of Louisiana. Of course, the request came from David Duke. … Continue reading

Perhaps it’s the stress?

JANICE HOUGH says: His doctor says President Obama has lost five pounds in the last two years. Amazing how that works when you don’t have to go place like Iowa state fairs for the primaries. … Continue reading

Well, punk, do you feel lucky?

GARY BACHMAN says: Barack Obama visited Eddie Vedder in Hawaii. Obama critic Clint Eastwood actually defended the President: “Nothing wrong with talking to a rocker.” … Continue reading

Exit strategy?

WILL DURST says: At least this time around, when it comes to sending troops overseas, President Obama has an exit strategy. It’s called “being termed out.” … Continue reading