BILL WILLIAMS says: Back when he was a student in Buenos Aires, Pope Francis worked as a bouncer at a local bar. And even then he did an infallible job. When he said, “Go To Hell”, they did! … Continue reading

But the Pope seemed so pleased!

BILL WILLIAMS says: Pope Francis and Donald Trump met in the Vatican Wednesday. The first thing out of their mouths…at the same time! “What’s that weird thing on your head?” … Continue reading

Gotta be better than that other show.

GARY BACHMAN says: Pope Francis called on Cuba to ‘open itself to the world.’ Look for a new reality TV series, “Keeping Up with the Castros.” … Continue reading

And also with you.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Pope Francis declared all Mafioso excommunicated from the Catholic Church. He warned any priest caught giving them communion would get the cement confessional. … Continue reading