TC in BC says: A statue of Peyton Manning was unveiled in Indianapolis last week. Football experts say it can almost move as fast as Tom Brady. … Continue reading

Plane diverted.

TC in BC says: The Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks were lucky their plane landed in Denver for tonight’s preseason game vs The Broncos. Throughout the flight; the players kept chanting “Omaha, Omaha!”. … Continue reading

Omaha! Omaha!

JANICE HOUGH says: Apparently 6% of Americans take the day off after the Super Bowl. So the Denver Broncos were just 24 hours ahead of their time. … Continue reading

Des Moines! Des Moines!

TERRY ETTER says: Peyton Manning yells “Omaha, Omaha” when the play clock is running out. I wonder if he does the same thing during sex. … Continue reading