BILL WILLIAMS says: It’s a weird week for Congress, what with the holiday in the middle and all. Even so, they were able to accomplish one positive act. They repealed Obama’s pardon of Tot, the 2016 Thanksgiving Turkey. … Continue reading

And it will be on Netflix.

GARY BACHMAN says: Donald Trump met with Barack Obama to discuss transition of power. Trump will tell Obama that “Orange is the New Black”. … Continue reading


TERRY ETTER says: President Obama is being criticized vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard instead of touring the flooded areas of Louisiana. To be fair, he was asked to stay out of Louisiana. Of course, the request came from David Duke. … Continue reading

7 No Trump.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Tuesday night was President Obama’s last State of the Union address. Basically he said the Union is like playing a game of Bridge. Don’t let your opponents Trump you. … Continue reading