An open letter:

BILL WILLIAMS says: I have a couple questions about this hydrogen bomb attack by North Korea on Manhattan. My wife is planning a 4-day visit to Boston the same weekend. Do you think she should make alternate travel plans. Like … Continue reading

Silly TC. It was an Atari 400.

TC in BC says: Newsweek reports that North Korea has threatened the US with a “cyber attack”. First, they have to crack the password on their (recently purchased from eBay) Commodore 64 that the previous owner used. … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

JANICE HOUGH says: Turns out the North Korea internet failure had nothing to do with hackers. Kim Jong Un just was trying to switch the whole country over to AOL. … Continue reading

On a boat, I guess.

TC in BC says: Can you imagine a world where there existed a West Korea, or East Korea? How about East Dakota/Carolina or West Dakota and West Carolina? Why not East or West America? How come there’s a Far East … Continue reading