BILL WILLIAMS says: Authorities in Central Florida are trying to identify a man who was found dead inside an alligator’s mouth. Their only clue so far is that he was wearing alligator shoes. They think it was a murder-suicide pact … Continue reading

Do you want fries with that?

GARY BACHMAN says: A man was charged for assaulting his wife with a McChicken sandwich. It could have been worse – he could have forced her to eat it and been charged with murder. … Continue reading

My bologna has a first name…

BILL WILLIAMS says: Oscar Pistorius got 5 years for killing his girlfriend. South African justice is a lot like Hollywood justice. *If he’d just made an honest woman of her and gotten married he’d be a free man now. … Continue reading

No, Will – Don’t!

WILL the THRILL says: If Bladerunner gets away with murder, I might just consider running with scissors. … Continue reading