DONNA TRAMP says: A report endorsed by 2,500 scientists from around the world claims a wall between the United States and Mexico would harm vulnerable ecosystems for plants and animals. *HOGWASH! The weeds and rats would be taught a valuable … Continue reading

And they’ll pay for it.

WILL DURST says: One thing about which Donald Trump is right. If he gets elected, Mexico will indeed build a wall. To control our immigration. … Continue reading

They’re Mexico’s BEST.

JANICE HOUGH says: U.S. authorities this week found a U.S.-Mexico border tunnel stretching the length of 8 football fields long, from Tijuana to San Diego, with lighting, electricity and a rail system. Sounds like these are the kind of folks … Continue reading

New Mexico or Regular Mexico?

TERRY ETTER says: California is now issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. Arizona, which is known for being tough on illegal immigrants, is thinking about doing the same thing. But Arizona’s licenses would have a limitation — they could only … Continue reading