More like reckless living.

JANICE HOUGH says: Lindsay Lohan, who still has more than half of her 250 mandated community service hours to go from a 2013 reckless driving conviction, apparently missed her first day Tuesday at a Brooklyn preschool. This could really put … Continue reading

Saving water.

GARY BACHMAN says: California is experiencing a drought and people are being asked to conserve water. Lindsay Lohan is doing her part–she is drinking scotch straight instead of on the rocks. … Continue reading


BILL WILLIAMS says: Lindsay Lohan says rehab is a joke and she could write a book about it … She’ll need a ghost writer. I hear Casper is available. … Continue reading

Lindsay and Charlie, sittin’ in a tree…

BILL WILLIAMS says:   Lindsay Lohan is appearing on Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” this month, plus bad-boy Charlie is giving her $100,000 to pay her back taxes. Now a cynic may say the 100K is to get her in bed, … Continue reading