Merry Christmas!

JANICE HOUGH says: Turns out the North Korea internet failure had nothing to do with hackers. Kim Jong Un just was trying to switch the whole country over to AOL. … Continue reading

Does he drink the Kim Jong Un-cola?

TC in BC says: Kim Jong Un has re-appeared alive and well, albeit walking with a cane. Speculation on who will be his hair apparent have been set aside for now. … Continue reading

But Rodman got game.

TC in BC says: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been hospitalized with two broken ankles, apparently from wearing heels and being overweight. When his ankle extension surgery is completed, he will be the same height as his buddy … Continue reading

As the worm turns – part III…

TC in BC says: Dennis Rodman has checked into a clinic to treat alcoholism. When sobered, he asked, “I went where, did what and sang Happy Birthday to who???” … Continue reading

Merry Christmas! Hope you and your family get along today!

JERRY W says: Kim Jong UN’s father’s brother’s last words? Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! (Rough translation from Korean, he may have said mo-fo’s instead of monkey’s) … Continue reading

Worm vs. Un

WILL DURST says: The last thing Dennis Rodman wants to hear from his good buddy Kim Jong Un: “You are like an uncle to me.” … Continue reading