JERRY W says: I bought a new self driving pickup truck yesterday, and it drove off and left me in a bar this morning, I think I’ve just invented a new paradigm in country music… … Continue reading

This is actually a good idea.

JERRY W says: I want to help strippers who are unemployed because of free on line porn get back to work, and working with my company they will drive passengers around much like Uber does except they will be topless. … Continue reading


JERRY W says: The Pope had to make an unplanned rest room stop while touring Milan, Italy. The news media was camped outside of his portapotty with their cameras at the ready while the world waited and wondered if the … Continue reading

Aren’t they’re all liars?

JERRY W says: An attorney’s pants were ignited by an e-cigarette in his pocket while in court working on a case, prompting a new legal defense dance procedure: “Lawyer lawyer, pants on fire”. … Continue reading

I thought it was the Optometrist’s Story.

JERRY W says: If you’re going to see the movie “50 Shades Darker” because you’re a real Wesley Snipes fan, let me save you some money… … Continue reading

Are Moose and Squirrel available?

JERRY W says: The passing of Professor Irwin Corey has brought sadness to the Trump White House, this means that they will have to restart their search for a national science advisor. … Continue reading

Oldie but a goodie. (posted 2-16-2013)

JERRY W says: The next time we hear Harrison Ford say, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”, it might be followed by “…but then again, it might just be my arthritis kicking in again”. … Continue reading

True dat.

JERRY W says: I put up a new sign on my door: “All who pass through this portal bring happiness, some by entering and some by leaving”. … Continue reading

What would have happened if Ice-T died too?

JERRY W says: I guess starting today if you order an Arnold Palmer (a mix of tea and lemonade) in a restaurant, they will serve it in a black cup. … Continue reading

I’m a Pepper.

JERRY W says: It’s easy to understand why Huma Abedin didn’t use her husbands name, I’m a Huma Weiner might be a less than ideal social ice breaker. … Continue reading