Peter, Pope and Larry.

JACK PINE says: The Vatican is displaying bones claimed to be those of St. Peter, the first pope who died in 67AD. No one can prove it, but Larry King swears Pete was on his first show. … Continue reading

Weiner even lost to Carlos Danger.

JACK PINE says: Anthony Weiner lost the Democratic nomination for NYC mayor. He lost so big Comedy Central is planning to roast him. A Weiner roast. … Continue reading

Oh, please!

JACK PINE says: A Florida man killed his wife and posted a picture of her dead body on Facebook. Later turned out to be bogus when the man quickly explained he accidently “Liked” a picture of Joan Rivers. … Continue reading

It never snows in Cuba.

JACK PINE says: Asiana Airlines has offered to fly Edward Snowden to Cuba. The US has offered to pay for the gas. … Continue reading