TERRY ETTER says: They’ve declared Trump’s postings on social media to be official statements. That means his presidential library will be housed in an I-phone. … Continue reading

Don’t be Shanghaied here.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Record-breaking smog in the China up to 35 times above safety levels. It’s gotten so bad, the new iPhone 6s comes with complimentary iDrops. … Continue reading

And recorded on an iPhone.

GARY BACHMAN says: A two-year-old Chinese boy was eaten by a pig. His death is being mourned by family, neighbors, and co-workers. … Continue reading

How about your Adam’s Apple?

BILL WILLIAMS says: I Just got an Apple watch to go along with all my other Apple stuff. My Apple TV, my Apple phone, my Apple printer, my Apple modem, my Apple tablet, my Apple laptop, my Apple mouse, my Apple … Continue reading