BILL WILLIAMS says: A 92-year-old Iowa man who won a $390,000 lottery jackpot said his windfall was predicted by a fortune cookie. The fortune cookie told him he would meet many tall, green and wrinkled strangers. … Continue reading

March Madness makes it to FOX.

STAN KEGEL says: Northern Iowa loses to Texas A & M after behing ahead by twelve points with less than one-half minute left. Fox News immediately calls it Obama’s fault and urges immediate congressional investigation. … Continue reading

Jupiter at 39,000 feet.

TERRY ETTER says: An American Airlines flight from Dallas to Iowa was forced to land in Tulsa after the pilot smelled an unusual odor in the cockpit. The pilot first noticed it right after they started the in-flight movie: “Jupiter … Continue reading

What could possibly go wrong?

BILL WILLIAMS says: Iowa has been issuing gun permits to blind people. Why not? They issue fishing permits to Red Lobster. … Continue reading