GARY BACHMAN says: Hillary Clinton in talks for professor role at Columbia. Her next book will outline the reasons she didn’t get tenure. … Continue reading

Finally, the end.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Tonight we will have a new president, and for the first time in history it could be a girl. But regardless the White House will be ready. If it’s Clinton, same ol’ same ol’. If it’s Trump … Continue reading

It’s not after labor day!

WILL the THRILL says: I never thought I’d consider voting for someone for President of the United States who wears A WHITE PANTSUIT! My fashion senses are tingling. … Continue reading

And that was good for everyone.

JERRY W says: Dick Cheney invited Hillary out for an afternoon of target practice so they could talk about him being her vice president. After hearing his offer she said “To tell you the truth Dick…..”. At this point Cheney … Continue reading