TERRY ETTER says: Trump doesn’t really cheat at golf. He just plays the ball where he lies. And he lies everywhere. … Continue reading

A Loch-te on the door?

TC in BC says: Olympic Golf was taking over five hours to complete a round in Rio. It’s taking so long that fans are looking for relief at gas stations near the course that don’t have locked facilities. … Continue reading

A Tiger in his tank.

JANICE HOUGH says: Swing coach Sean Foley said his split with Tiger Woods was “amicable.” Well, duh, does anyone think Tiger is stupid enough to anger someone who knows how to wield a golf club? … Continue reading

Did he take a Mulligan?

TC in BC says: Spanish golfer Pablo Larrazabal was stung 20 times and finally jumped into a lake to avoid a swarm of hornets. The last famous golfer to be stung significantly was Tiger; but that was only in his … Continue reading