BILL WILLIAMS says: Ex-President George W. Bush attended his nephew’s wedding in Colorado and was seen cutting quite a rug on the dance floor alongside the happy couple. But just like his presidency, when they played Fly Like An Eagle … Continue reading

WILL DURST says: George W. Bush was a Wheel of Fortune president in a Jeopardy world. But Donald Trump looks more like a Chutes & Ladders guy. … Continue reading

Was Cheney on trial?

BILL WILLIAMS says: Former President George W. Bush, like every good citizen does turned up for jury duty, but he failed the test. When asked if he was willing to be on a jury of the defendant’s peers, he asked: … Continue reading

It’s a mystery.

JERRY W says: Alleged ex U.S. president George W. Bush had knee replacement surgery that by all reports went well. In an on-camera interview broadcast live from the operating room, the doctor looked up from the open incision and said, … Continue reading