JANICE HOUGH says: A recent Sunday night featured both the Downton Abbey Season 3 Finale, along with the NBA All-Star Game. One is about rich, pampered and privileged people who live in a fantasy world; the other is a BBC … Continue reading

Tigers vs. Royals? Sounds like Gladiators.

WILL the THRILL says: At the Tigers/Royals game this weekend my wife says she had to wait in a 20-minute line at the Ladies restroom. “Yeah,” she whispered, “it was an epic Game of Thrones.” … Continue reading

Kim is still #1 in somebody’s book, unfortunately.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Kim Kardashian’s game,“Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” has been falling, falling, falling from number one last summer to near the bottom last week. She’s just in front of, “AirAsia: Oops!.” … Continue reading