BILL WILLIAMS says: Olympic figure skater Gabriella Papadakis from France had a wardrobe malfunction during her short program. The camera switched to her unexpectedly and she turned out to be Johnny Weir. … Continue reading

#45 and #46.

JANICE HOUGH says: Headlines on new French President Marcon being 39 & his wife 64. Funny, I don’t remember election headlines on US President being 70 & his wife 46. … Continue reading

Je Suis Jerry!

JERRY W says: I decided to cash in on the unrest in France and sell a t-shirt directly to Jihadist rebels: “Anger Management Issues, Me? Je Suis Charlie Sheen” … Continue reading


WILL the THRILL says: The always-quirky French people have a car called the Citroen. It is a coincidence that their word for “lemon” is Citron? … Continue reading