WILL the THRILL says: My brother-in-law has a new hobby flying propeller-driven robots around. I am sick of him droning on about it. … Continue reading

Ooooh, a Char-broil!

TERRY ETTER says: A man in Kentucky was arrested on a firearms charge for shooting down a drone that was flying over his property. He said he thought it was taking pictures of his teenage daughter who was sunbathing in … Continue reading

Joe Go-Pro!

JANICE HOUGH says: A small drone that crashed on the White House lawn apparently belonged to a “government employee” who said was using it for fun when he lost control of the flying device. You know, they really need to … Continue reading

That’s something everyone can get behind.

JANICE HOUGH says: If President Obama wants bipartisan agreement maybe he could just send a drone to at least temporarily silence Nicki Minaj? … Continue reading