BILL WILLIAMS says: A recent study at the University of Missouri says that the veggies we eat are actually able to hear themselves being eaten—especially lettuce. So this begs the question, what did the head of lettuce say to the ear … Continue reading

Wow, man! (again)

TERRY ETTER says: A fire destroyed most of Seattle’s first legal marijuana growing operation. Several firefighters were overcome by the smoke and had to be treated with Doritos. … Continue reading


WILL the THRILL says: As a pretty conservative guy, I wish that there weren’t so many “EXTREME” products. I mean, just how extreme could a bag of Doritos chips really be? … Continue reading

Bow, WOW, man.

JANICE HOUGH says: Now there’s medical marijuana for pets. So what’s the next product, cat and dog food flavored like Doritos? … Continue reading

Wow, man.

TERRY ETTER says: A butcher in Seattle feeds the unusable parts of medical marijuana plants to his pigs. He says it gives them the munchies. Which means that the local feed store is stocking up on Doritos. … Continue reading