Sterling is hardly Sterling.

TC in BC says: Donald Sterling attended a predominately black church service in South LA on Sunday. He followed that up by watching both of Whoopi Goldberg’s Sister Act movies. He was totally surprised when he found out that Goldberg … Continue reading

Sterling – he’s down in the hood.

WILL DURST says: I haven’t heard Donald Sterling express much remorse. Of course even if he did, the apology would probably be muffled by his hood. … Continue reading

Sterling isn’t so bright.

JANICE HOUGH says: V. Stiviano said through her attorney that she is “very saddened” at Sterling’s NBA ban and that she “never wanted any harm to Donald.” Translation, someone is really going to miss those courtside seats. … Continue reading

And NBA commissioner is named Adam Silver!

HARTLEY MILLER says: With the NBA’s proper decision to ban LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, one might suggest that the league has a “Silver” lining. … Continue reading