He should know!

BILL WILLIAMS says: John Glenn, first American to orbit earth, U.S. Senator, a very brave man who knew no fear, died last week at age 95. Surrounded by family and friends his last words were: “Washington, you’ve got a problem.” … Continue reading

What would have happened if Ice-T died too?

JERRY W says: I guess starting today if you order an Arnold Palmer (a mix of tea and lemonade) in a restaurant, they will serve it in a black cup. … Continue reading

Survey says…

JERRY W says: Dave Goldberg, chief executive since 2009 of the web site SurveyMonkey has died at the age of 47. When asked, 94 percent of those questioned who knew him personally say that they hoped that he was dead, … Continue reading

Gagne with a spoon!

GARY BACHMAN says: Retired professional wrestler Verne Gagne passed away at age 89. God put him in a sleeper hold. … Continue reading