JANICE HOUGH says: I remember those “We survived Clinton, you will survive Bush” and “We survived Bush, you will survive Obama” t-shirts. Now it’s “We survived Obama, and not sure if we WILL survive Trump.” … Continue reading

Finally, the end.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Tonight we will have a new president, and for the first time in history it could be a girl. But regardless the White House will be ready. If it’s Clinton, same ol’ same ol’. If it’s Trump … Continue reading

That’s a big transition.

GARY BACHMAN says: Clinton campaign has already announced the leader of their transition team – Caitlyn Jenner. … Continue reading

Clinton liked the dress when he first spotted it.

GARY BACHMAN says: There is talk Monica Lewinsky could be hired on as a co-host for “The View.” She is so desperate for the job she got down on both knees. … Continue reading