GARY BACHMAN says: A study from Harvard suggests a second ‘Big Bang’ may be what ends the universe. Especially if Chris Christie eats one too many tacos. … Continue reading

Overrated. It’s a disaster. Believe me.

WILL DURST says: Trump still won’t admit the Russians hacked the DNC. “Maybe it was a 400 lb fat guy on a couch.” Hate to see Chris Christie get thrown under the bus again. Sad. … Continue reading

I thought earthquakes only happen in California?

BILL WILLIAMS says: An earthquake hit New York and New Jersey Saturday night, and it was a bad one. The ground shook so much rats fled the subway, one of Chris Christie’s candy jars fell over, and the Knicks accidentally … Continue reading

True dat.

WILL DURST says: Think we should all thank Chris Christie for singlehandedly disproving that whole “too big to fail” theory. … Continue reading