Words are definitely funny.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Words are funny. For instance, a “Beard” means different things in different countries. In the US it’s a straight girl who pretends to be a gay guy’s date. In Russia it’s what female Olympians wear. … Continue reading

Roger Ailes agrees.

BILL WILLIAMS says: A woman who undergoes a cornea transplant faces 20 percent chance of tissue rejection if the donor is a man, says a British study. But worse than that, her friends complain she’s always looking at their boobs. … Continue reading

I do declare…

BILL WILLIAMS says: Lindsey Graham showed up one week after the terrible devastation in Dallas, totally confused. Seems he thought the rally was, “Bland Lives Matter.” … Continue reading

With extra foam.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Starbucks bumps up prices, again! Their prices are getting so high, Tesla has threatened to make an electric Latte. … Continue reading