BILL WILLIAMS says: Cher has so many replacement parts, if she got married again she’d be like a car that’s been totaled. She’d need a Salvage Marriage Permit. … Continue reading

But the Pope seemed so pleased!

BILL WILLIAMS says: Pope Francis and Donald Trump met in the Vatican Wednesday. The first thing out of their mouths…at the same time! “What’s that weird thing on your head?” … Continue reading

Happy belated Mother’s Day!

BILL WILLIAMS says: Sunday was Mother’s Day. The day we try to make up for a whole lifetime of crying, “but I don’t want to eat my peas!” … Continue reading


BILL WILLIAMS says: A group of Chinese students studying an unusual form of Kung Fu showed off their strength by swinging heavy wooden boxes from their genitals. Experts warn if you have a splinter that lasts longer than 4 hours … Continue reading