Finally, the end.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Tonight we will have a new president, and for the first time in history it could be a girl. But regardless the White House will be ready. If it’s Clinton, same ol’ same ol’. If it’s Trump … Continue reading

Santa? NO!

BILL WILLIAMS says: The New York bomber turned out to be a fat guy with a beard. Another myth busted. We always heard that in September Santa went to Cabo. … Continue reading

Jebediah now out on bail.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Police in Millersburg, Ohio, the heart of Amish country, arrested more than 70 young people at a weekend party, charging them with underage consumption of alcohol. Parents reacted swiftly and took away the miscreants buggy privileges for … Continue reading

Hey, I rode one once! And I looked good.

BILL WILLIAMS says: You can now tour Portland on a Segway electric scooter. For a hundred bucks an hour you get a scooter, a helmet, and a Nixon mask so no one will recognize you. … Continue reading