At last, a Scott McKenzie reference.

BILL WILLIAMS says: Anti-Trump protesters are everywhere except weirdly enough, Haight-Ashbury. They couldn’t get any one willing to put some flowers in that guy’s hair. … Continue reading

Isn’t DB Cooper the Farmers Insurance guy?

BILL WILLIAMS says: There is new evidence in the mystery of the D.B. Cooper hijacking. Scientists have analyzed particles from a clip-on-tie Cooper left behind after he hijacked a plane in November 1971. They found traces of cerium, strontium, sulfide … Continue reading

Apple would call them iAmmo.

BILL WILLIAMS says: The U.S. Army wants bullets that biodegrade and leave seeds behind. It’s an operation they’ve dubbed “Johnny-Get-Your-Gun-Appleseed”. … Continue reading

I thought Trump was adding jobs.

BILL WILLIAMS says: It’s looking bad for retail stores. Sears is closing 150, Macy’s is closing 68. This is a dangerous time for girls. I mean, who wants to wear a bra marked Amazon? … Continue reading