I’d prefer a liquor cabinet.

WILL DURST says: Got to love pResident tRump. He issues an executive order to keep violent extremists from entering the country, but has no problem filling his cabinet with them. … Continue reading

And make the Dominican Republic pay for it.

GARY BACHMAN says: Sarah Palin is being considered for Ambassador to Canada. Canada responded by threatening to build a border wall. … Continue reading

Better than cleaning up after Conway or Spicer.

JANICE HOUGH says: Reports are that at least two candidates have turned Donald Trump down to be White House communications director. Presumably they prefer something like a janitorial job at the National Zoo, where they could clean up after real … Continue reading

Are Moose and Squirrel available?

JERRY W says: The passing of Professor Irwin Corey has brought sadness to the Trump White House, this means that they will have to restart their search for a national science advisor. … Continue reading