Sound familiar?

TC in BC says: North Korea celebrated the 105th anniversary of Kim Il-Sung today with a yuuuugge parade and show of military strength. No leaders of their current regime went golfing today. … Continue reading

McCain – Lucas or John?

JANICE HOUGH says: Trump has declared April 9, “National Prisoner of War Day.” Not that he likes any of those honorees, because they were, you know, captured. … Continue reading

That’s fake news.

WILL DURST says: tRump isn’t affected much by his 39% approval rating. After all, that’s higher than most of the scores he received at Wharton Business School. … Continue reading

Yee haw!

BILL WILLIAMS says: Gallup polling reported that Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 36 percent after Trumpcare failed in Congress. But polling experts say that number is bound to go up since day after tomorrow is Marry Your Cousin Day. … Continue reading