Are Moose and Squirrel available?

JERRY W says: The passing of Professor Irwin Corey has brought sadness to the Trump White House, this means that they will have to restart their search for a national science advisor. … Continue reading

Oldie but a goodie. (posted 2-19-2013)

TC in BC says: Some French “gourmets” are recommending horse meat, saying it has less fat, is tender and more flavorful than beef. Of course, you would be more tender too, if someone was whipping your ass while you ran … Continue reading

Isn’t DB Cooper the Farmers Insurance guy?

BILL WILLIAMS says: There is new evidence in the mystery of the D.B. Cooper hijacking. Scientists have analyzed particles from a clip-on-tie Cooper left behind after he hijacked a plane in November 1971. They found traces of cerium, strontium, sulfide … Continue reading


GARY BACHMAN says: West Virginia woman charged with tossing puppy from car window. She thought it was okay as long as it wasn’t litter. … Continue reading