WILL the THRILL says: Hunting for comedy…Two bucks clatter into a bar. The first shakes his antlers and says: “I don’t have any doe.” The second snorts and replies: “You’re lucky. I feel like I’m in a rut.” … Continue reading

GARY BACHMAN says: Caravan resumes journey toward US. What’s Trump so upset about–it’s a Dodge, the engine will blow up before it gets here. … Continue reading

TERRY ETTER says: When Trump toured North Carolina he saw a large boat that Hurricane Florence washed up into somebody’s back yard. He told the homeowner, “At least you got a nice boat out of it.” He was just quoting … Continue reading

WILL the THRILL says: Women like shoes, right? So, when my girlfriend said I reminded her of a comfortable shoe I thought it was a cool thing. “Nope,” she corrected me. “Get out of my life, you loafer.” … Continue reading

GARY BACHMAN says: YouTube video shows a raccoon stealing cat food. Unfortunately, raccoon could not be identified as he was wearing a mask. … Continue reading

TERRY ETTER says: I’ve been compared to some of the all-time great humorists. Not favorably, of course. … Continue reading