Good one, Te

TERRY ETTER says: We live in a Twitterized world where anything we might want to communicate, no matter how important or significant, is limited to 140 chara … Continue reading

Fly the “friendly” skies.

JANICE HOUGH says: A Southwest Airlines pilot was arrested at Albany Airport for having a loaded gun in his carry-on at a TSA check point. Think I see a new United Airlines marketing campaign – “We might beat you up … Continue reading

Sock it to me!

GARY BACHMAN says: Payless Shoes is filing for bankruptcy. I thought they were a sole proprietorship. Maybe they can make arrangements with their creditors to pay less. … Continue reading

Ding dong! That’s the doorbell.

TERRY ETTER says: There’s an app that lets you buy access to more than 200 magazines. The app does this only because it’s working its way through college. … Continue reading