Terry Punny!

TERRY ETTER says: CBS has cancelled a bunch of shows. “The Great Indoors” was sent outside. “Limitless” was maxed out. And “Two Broke Girls” were just beyond repair. … Continue reading

His hands are HUUUUUUGGE!

JANICE HOUGH says: Trump said that the inaugural crowd “looked like a million people.” Well, guessing he’s pretty used to overestimating size. … Continue reading

I see what you did there.

TC in BC says: News is out that legendary musical artist Phil Collins cheated on his first two wives. It must have been easy for him to find Easy Lovers. He obviously broke Two Hearts. Finally, he married and split … Continue reading


WILL the THRILL says: No word from Dylan on his Pulitzer Prize. But don’t think twice, it’s alright. … Continue reading